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Squirrels are found everywhere running and climbing all around trees and houses in Canada. You might also find them very cute and funny when they are gathering their favourite food such as nuts and seeds. However, things can easily get out of control with squirrels.

Squirrels Control and Removal

Squirrels can harm the trees in your garden while they are looking for food and insects. The most problematic ones are Red Squirrels as they tend to take over your house for winter and place things all around the house for their own comfort.

During summertime, they will settle down in moist and cold parts of your home. In addition to nuts, they prey on small insects and animals. Red squirrels are collectors and tend to gather their food for two seasons and place them in cold and moist locations such as your attic.

They may also choose your home to establish their nest and start making annoying noises. They can cause fire in your home when they chew off the wiring inside the wall.

Squirrels Removal Service
Squirrels Removal Service

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At Saba Pest Control, our professionals utilize humane techniques to remove squirrels from your house. Our techniques are successful and long-lasting.

Squirrels Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

One of the most effective ways to get rid of squirrels is to remove or eliminate food sources. Try to remove or relocate any conspicuous food sources, such as a bird feeder.

Most squirrels will flee if you approach them. Squirrels, on the other hand, have been known to assault youngsters, pets, and adults. While squirrels are rarely harmed by rabies, a squirrel can carry the disease.

Squirrels tend to stay put and rarely venture more than a mile from their homes. There is little to no food in their home region, or there are too many squirrels in one place if they leave home and travel more than 1-2 miles. However, after they depart, they rarely, if ever, return home.

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