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About Skunks

Do not let their innocent and affectionate appearance fool you. Skunks can be really nasty and difficult to manage when they take over your home.

Skunk Removal and Control

They choose to invade your home to start a family as your house can be a great source of food and wonderful shelter. Do you own a kitchen garden or leave your trash cans open? Then you might be tempting and unknowingly inviting skunks and other wildlife.

Skunks may seem as harmless as squirrels and raccoons, but not when feeling endangered! When feeling endangered they spray unpleasant discharges from their anal glands. 

If they choose to stay in your home, then that odd odour of skunks in your own home will become very annoying. Just like any other wildlife animal, they use their scent to mark their territory.

Skunk Removal Service
Skunk Remopval North York

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It does not matter whether you are having pest issues due to rats, wasps, moths, other insects, or bigger pests. We have them all covered by our professional team at Saba Pest Control.

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We not only assist individual households but also serve our communities and clients by protecting public health, food safety, and properties from the destructive impacts of pests.


We have helped numerous homes and businesses all around Toronto and the GTA to eradicate rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, woodworms, raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks and many other pests.


We provide effective pest control solutions for your pest problem. Our services start with a thorough property survey but does not end at total pest elimination.

How Can We Help?

You need to reach out to professional help and let the experts handle the situation if you want to avoid being scented by skunks and you are exhausted of cleaning up your garden everyday.

We reassure you that there are no baits or repellants involved in the treatment. Our methods are 100% permanent and compassionate. We remove skunks from your house and ensure that they do not return to your property.

Skunk Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

Trapping and removing the skunks from the region is the best solution. Because of the animal’s capacity to spray, skunk trapping can be difficult.
You’ve probably smelled them before. However, in other circumstances, the odor is not immediately obvious, in which case you should look for digging and lawn and plant damage.
Rabies, tularemia, typhus, plague, and ringworm are among common diseases carried by skunks. Infected skunks can spread infections through bites or other forms of direct contact.

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