Mice and Rats Removal

About Mice & Rats

Mice are very tiny and have a very flexible body. Therefore, they can easily get into the house and hide away in cracks and holes for years.

Rats and mice are usually identified by their size. A large muroid rodent’s common name usually includes the word “rat,” whereas a smaller muroid’s name usually includes the word “mouse.” The black and brown rats are the most well-known rat species.

Mice can spread deadly diseases through their urine and feces. Mice can go anywhere in your house such as in the food storage areas and kitchen shelves. They leave behind their residues which can affect your health and worsen respiratory problems.

Mice Control and Removal

We advise homeowners to take preventive measures once they are moving into a new residence as most houses can be affected by mice. They can be hiding in your attic, and they can cause serious health issues to your family as well as your pets. Mice can carry different deadly diseases.
Mice and Rats Removal Service
Mice and Rats Removal Service

Rat Control and Removal

Almost all rodents reproduce rapidly, and the situation will be out of control once they have started mating. Taking preventive measures are crucial to ensure that you can avoid rat issues in the future. 

Rats will begin multiplying once they enter your property. If you hear noises all around your house, you should start looking for rats and you can expect to spot them under shelves and inside cabinets.

Clean and disinfected houses have a lower chance to be a victim of rodents like rats. Throwing garbage all over the house will attract rats to your home.

Signs You Have a Mice Problem


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It does not matter whether you are having pest issues due to rats, wasps, moths, other insects, or bigger pests. We have them all covered by our professional team at Saba Pest Control.

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We not only assist individual households but also serve our communities and clients by protecting public health, food safety, and properties from the destructive impacts of pests.


We have helped numerous homes and businesses all around Toronto and the GTA to eradicate rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, woodworms, raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks and many other pests.


We provide effective pest control solutions for your pest problem. Our services start with a thorough property survey but does not end at total pest elimination.

How Can We Help?

In order to control rats at your house taking immediate action is required. Our team of professionals at Saba Pest Control will work with you to help you succeed in the removal of rats. We use eco-friendly pesticides and implement the most up-to-date and effective methods of treatment.

Saba Pest Control professionals will set up a regular check-up to ensure that there is no future infestation.

Just pick up the phone and give us a call and we will help you get rid of these dangerous and destructive pests. Our mice removal methods are compassionate, and we provide a lifetime guarantee that mice will not return to your house ever again.

Mice & Rats Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

To begin, locate their entry locations into your home and attic. Close all of these entry points, and the problem will be solved for good. Use rat traps to catch and remove them once you’re sure you’ve sealed the entry points. Clean up after yourself and never leave waste or food unprotected.

They’ll keep coming back as long as they have a way in, and if they continue to create entry damage, you may anticipate bigger creatures like squirrels and raccoons to join them.
Rat poisoning usually takes 3 to 7 days to completely eliminate rats. Because rats are often leery of mechanical traps, it can take several days for them to be caught. Depending on the amount of the infestation, a pest control professional can eliminate rats in as little as one day to a few days.

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