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About Flies

Flies transmit diseases as they feed on human and animal wastes and garbage. Some fly species are even worse, as they bite and carry serious health risks.

Seeing flies gathered around, usually gives you the idea of non-hygiene environment. Flies are not only annoying but also carry bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, salmonella, anthrax, and tuberculosis.

Flies Removal Service


To get rid of flies we follow certain steps and implement a procedure based on the problem we encounter. The procedure may include covering openings into the house, removing debris and pet feces, reducing watering schedules, maintaining garbage areas, and covering and cleaning trash bins. 

Our professional technicians will pay you a visit and provide you with recommendations regarding the extermination and prevention of fly.


Customer Service

It does not matter whether you are having pest issues due to rats, wasps, moths, other insects, or bigger pests. We have them all covered by our professional team at Saba Pest Control.

Quality Service

We not only assist individual households but also serve our communities and clients by protecting public health, food safety, and properties from the destructive impacts of pests.


We have helped numerous homes and businesses all around Toronto and the GTA to eradicate rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, woodworms, raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks and many other pests.


We provide effective pest control solutions for your pest problem. Our services start with a thorough property survey but does not end at total pest elimination.

How Can We Help?

Our equipment is designed to treat those areas of your property, where flies live, rest and breed. Our professional team applies treatment products to home and landscape areas such as lawns, bushes, and shrubs. We also provide scheduled control services to ensure that the situation has been taken care of and that the issue has been resolved.

Fly treatments are usually performed once a month but to maintain adequate control and treatment, individual treatments can be scheduled anytime you feel they are required. We recommend more frequent treatments between March and October due to peak fly season.

Saba Pest Control team provides quality and reliable fly control services. We will work with you passionately everyday, so that you can enjoy your yard and outdoor spaces. We take pride in helping families and pets to live in an environment that is free from hazards.

Flies Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

House flies are attracted to heat, light, rubbish, and waste. Garbage, dung, and rotting or damaged food are all places where house flies reproduce and feed. House fly infestations can be caused by poor cleanliness, ripped screens, and open crevices in windows and doors.
Plant basil, bay leaves, catnip, lavender, and marigolds in your garden. As a natural trap, mix dish soap and vinegar together. Fill a cup halfway with the liquid, wrap it firmly in
Adult blow and flesh flies arrive 1 to 2 weeks after maggots have been discovered in a home. Flies may begin to evolve for another 1 to 3 weeks before disappearing.

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