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Moths or clothes moths are found everywhere in Canada and are very famous for causing damage to clothing, bedding, carpets, rugs, furniture and many other articles in your home or business. Damage ranges from irregular surface damage to large holes through materials and fabrics. 

Moths have a short lifespan cycle, and their lifespan depends on the species of moth. But most of moths live for about a month. Although they perish quickly, getting a couple of moths inside your home can quickly lead to serious damage to fabric and clothes.

Moth Removal

Moths lay eggs in dark places such as the back of closets. They look for items that can feed their larvae after they hatch. Therefore, they damage clothing or furniture in places such as attics, basements or rooms where less people are present. Many species of moth use webbing to hold their eggs in place. These webbings are very similar to spider webbing.

Moths lay eggs, then the eggs hatch and the larvae or caterpillars start eating. They attack fabrics such as cloths, cotton, leather, and even synthetic fabrics such as carpet and furniture upholstery. The caterpillars eventually form cocoons and develop into moths. Now these new moths search for other moths for breeding and the cycle continues. They will spend their entire life cycle inside your home.


Moths Removal Service

Possible Solutions

One of the most effective solutions for conquering moths is heat treatment. It usually gives instant result and resolves the issue immediately. Heat kills moths at all stages of their life cycle, including eggs, which means that there will be no trace of moths after heat treatment.
Steam treatment is a newer method of moths eradication and is more effective for moths that attacked clothing or other fabrics.
Freeze treatment is another good method for eradicating moths that have attacked fabrics. Freeze treatment does not damage the materials that are being treated. Freezing can be done elsewhere other than your home. For this reason, we can collect the infected items and return them after they have been treated.
Chemical treatment for moths is fully effective in the weeks after the first treatment. Chemicals are not effective on eggs or larvae, so they need to turn into moths before they can be exterminated.

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Moth Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

Caterpillars are naturally drawn to dark areas such as attics, closets, and wardrobes, where they feed on natural fibers such as silk, linen, wool, or fur. They can be found hidden in corners or in fabric folds.
Sweaters, Coats, Comforters, Pillows, and even Carpets can be ruined by clothing moths.

Moth infestation is indicated by small holes in plastic food containers, eggs or larva inside packaged foods, and odd holes in clothing.

Wool, feathers, and fur clothing should be stored in firmly sealed plastic boxes or compressed storage packs.
Dresses, Suits, Jackets and other hung items should be placed in garment bags that are sealed and without gaps. Fabric containers should be avoided since moths can gnaw through them.

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