Centipedes Removal

About Centipedes

The origin of the name of centipedes comes from the idea that they had 100 legs. In fact, they have between 15 and 177 pairs of legs divided between each side of their reddish-brown bodies.

Centipede Removal

The average lifespan of centipedes ranges from two to five years. Saba Pest Control ensures to defeat centipede and make sure they are not hiding.
Centipede Removal Service
Centipede Removal Service


The natural habitats of centipedes are dark, moist, and isolated dwellings, like under rocks and logs. They love these wet environments such as rotting wood. 

They can dig deep into the ground and prefer spots where small bugs can be found to eat. Centipedes can crawl in through small cracks or openings around the home foundation. They are mostly spotted around bathrooms, closets in basements, or any other dark and humid place.


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How Can We Help?

The species that invade homes are called house centipedes or Scutigera Coleoptrata. Contact Saba Pest Control immediately the moment you spot one as there mostly likely are more hiding in your home. 

We will ensure providing you with efficient and professional removal and extermination of centipede.

Centipedes Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

Centipedes can enter buildings unless spaces around siding, windows, doors, pipes, wires, and other structural flaws are sealed and caulked.

Removal of Trash, pebbles, boards, compost piles, and other hiding places surrounding the structure would also help to minimize the population of centipedes.

Centipedes in the house are energetic hunters who are always on the lookout for prey. Moths, flies, silverfish, spiders, roaches, and termites are among the insects they kill and devour. As a result, finding centipedes in your home on a regular basis could indicate a larger pest problem.
No. They do not harm the house’s structure, food supplies, or domestic items.

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