Bird Mite Removal

About Bird Mites

Bird mites are both extremely difficult to identify and kill. Bird mites are most active during spring and early Summer. They are extremely mobile, barely visible, oval in shape. 

They are widely distributed throughout warmer regions of the world feeding on the blood of birds such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows, Indian mynahs, poultry, and some wild birds. Bird mites are almost transparent in colour and that makes them difficult to detect on skin until they ingest and then digest the blood and then look reddish to blackish. 

They come into contact with human when birds enter the roof cavities through broken tiles or unprotected eaves of homes, factories, barns or anywhere they can build a nest in early spring or summer.

The Birdmite bites cause:

Bird Mite Control Richmond Hill
Bird Mite Removal Richmond Hill

The Reason:

sometimes infestations occur from birds nestling on the outside of dwellings like window ledges or sunshades. But they also can come with pets bringing them in from outside, or even when buying used clothing and furniture. 

The life cycle of the mites is short, about 7 days, and they can reproduce very fast and generate large populations. Bird mites tend to be active mostly during the nighttime hours and gather near humans, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms.


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How Can We Help?

Bird mite bites may feel like a small pin prick, due to their small size. Unless they are in large numbers on the same area of the skin, they may leave no trace at all.

Bird Mites tend to gather in the darkest parts of the house such as dark corners. However, they are able to hide in almost anywhere, including dressers and furniture. They tend to seek shelter indoors during the hot and humid days and become more active indoors.

If the infestation is not controlled, you might experience considerable discomfort. The sensation of crawling mites on the skin can be very irritating. To prevent bird mite infestation, they must be stopped before they reproduce.

For professional bird mite control, all you need to do is to contact Saba Pest Control immediately after first signs of bird mite existence.

Saba Pest Control will defeat bird mites and apply pesticides to its sources of origin which are the nests of birds, the breeding sites of bird mites, and any other possible invaded sites around your residence.

Bird Mite Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

It is critical to correctly identify bird mites in order to determine how to control mite infestations. Locating and removing bird nests is the most effective way to control an infestation. A practical and preventive option is to replace broken tiles and cover gaps in eaves or roof cavities to prevent birds from occupying places in dwellings.
When a bird’s nest has just been vacated, a home invasion can often involve hundreds or thousands of mites. Because they require a host mammal to thrive, they will go to whatever length to assure future generations, which may include parasitizing other mammals such as humans.
Bird mites are tenacious parasitoids who are often willing to parasitize just one person in the house. This could be because they employ pheromones to communicate with one another, as they swarm the host mammal and crawl or bite in vast numbers.

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