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About Beetles

The most prevalent insect is the beetle. Their front wings have solidified into wing-cases, called elytra, which distinguishes them from most other insects. Beetles have a hard exoskeleton, which includes the elytra, though some, like rove beetles, have very short elytra and blister beetles have softer elytra.

The most crucial step in getting rid of beetles from your home is to always maintain adequate sanitation and hygiene. Always clean up spills and messes, and never leave food out. Instead, store the food in plastic containers to keep it safe.

What are the signs of beetle infestation?

Look for damages to clothes, carpets, wood, or food. Another sign can be skin irritation due to larva hairs which can irritate some people. It can become extremely difficult to get rid of beetle infestation. 

 From Isolating their food sources to the treatment of all possible surfaces, beetles can be really difficult to handle. Bird nests, hot water pipes and central heating systems are places to find beetles. 

They can be found anywhere such as cupboards, closets, clothes, etc. which can make them very difficult to control. You certainly need a trained professional to undertake beetle infestation.

Beetles Removal Service
Beetles Removal Service

How can you prevent beetles from invading your home?

The following simple tips can help you prevent a beetle infestation:

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How Can We Help?

Our professional and beetle control experts at Saba Pest Control are well trained in providing professional solutions to treat Beetle infestations in your home or business. 

We use professional and approved methods to address the scale of the infestation in your home and its surrounding environment.

Saba Pest Control is your local solution to fight pests, and we ensure providing you with professional and useful advice that will help you with having peace of mind and being able to enjoy your home environment away from nasty and unpleasant pests. 

We address each problem with the most useful and effective solution.

Beetles Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

They frequently enter the house to seek shelter from the elements, particularly during the summer. It’s also possible that they’re black carpet beetles, but don’t mix them with dust mites, which are much smaller. These microscopic black beetles in the house could be grain-eating insects if they’re in your kitchen.
Spray Peppermint Oil, Neem Oil, or Lavender around your entryway, vents, windows, and indoor plants as a “Do It Yourself” project. Insect traps are another low-cost and convenient over-the-counter option.
Carpet beetles dislike the smell of vinegar and will avoid it. Clean locations where carpet beetle larvae have been found with a solution of white or apple cider vinegar and water.

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