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About Ants

Ant infestation is the most common issue in Ontario. People endure lots of efforts to keep ants away from their homes but unfortunately, they keep coming back.

Ant Removal Service

Ants are one of the most annoying insects that would invade your home. They bite, contaminate your food, and take them away. Most home remedies do not work, and they refuse to leave, and even if they leave, they will return shortly after.

Carpenter Ants Infestation

Carpenter ants invade wooden objects to reproduce. They would take wooden frames, doors, and furniture for home. They travel from one place to another through wiring and plumbing. They eat almost anything that they find in your home.

Pavement Ants Infestation

Pavement ants are smaller than carpenter ants but more intrusive. They also eat anything comes their way.
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Pharaoh Ants Infestation

Pharaoh ants are dangerous insect pests of the household. They are extremely small in size and light in color and therefore mostly unrecognizable. They reproduce very easily everywhere and multiply rapidly. These are one of the most difficult pests to control and defeat.


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It does not matter whether you are having pest issues due to rats, wasps, moths, other insects, or bigger pests. We have them all covered by our professional team at Saba Pest Control.

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We not only assist individual households but also serve our communities and clients by protecting public health, food safety, and properties from the destructive impacts of pests.


We have helped numerous homes and businesses all around Toronto and the GTA to eradicate rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, woodworms, raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks and many other pests.


We provide effective pest control solutions for your pest problem. Our services start with a thorough property survey but does not end at total pest elimination.

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Contact Saba Pest Control if you are looking for a professional ant control service. We defeat ants by utilizing harmless chemicals and repellents to ensure that ants do not come back.

Ant Control & Removal
Questions & Answers

Ants come to any residence for a variety of reasons, including shelter and food scouting. They may seek out wooden buildings to make their nest if they discover food in your home.
For a variety of reasons, you may have ants in your clean house. If your next-door neighbour has an ant problem, they may migrate to find more food. A leaking pipe or faucet could provide them with the water they require to survive.
When the ants are most active, spray in the early morning or late afternoon. To avoid drift, it’s better to spray on a calm day. If ants continue to create mounds after six weeks, re-treat the lawn.

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